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Common Questions

How does Krystal Klean compare to its competitors?

Krystal Klean works quickly to remove even the most stubborn build-up of flower, wax and resin. With a very little amount of Krystal Klean and minimal effort, your piece will be ready to rinse thoroughly with water (we also do a quick rinse with alcohol) and reuse in MINUTES!

Is it safe for silicone?

Yes. You can use Krystal Klean on your silicone, acrylic, glass, metal, ceramic and stone. Always rinse thoroughly with water before use.

How does Krystal Klean compare in price to its competitors?

Super Krystal Klean can be used in its concentrated form for heavy build-up as well as diluted for those that clean on a regular basis. 1 to 2 oz is all you need to clean the average dirty piece.A little goes a long way!

Can it be reused?

Absolutely! Krystal Klean can be reused even when it’s diluted with water.

Does it contain sodium?

No. However, salt can be added to Krystal Klean if you desire a more abrasive cleaner for your piece. Adding salt may require more rinsing with water.